Welcome to Mousehelp.com!

Here we provide compassionate care to people who use computers.

Services include just about everything you expect and a few things you might not get from your average “geek speak” technician.

Funny thing is, we offer so many things, we have to choose which services to feature on this page.
So, here are three main things we do here at Mousehelp – we help people with computers, we design and develop websites, and we do “behind the scenes” stuff, known as SEO, to make sure your website will be found by people searching for your product or service.

Watch a short video that explains what we have to offer.

First and foremost, we provide services that are focused on your needs, not computer focused tech support!

This means we will take the time to listen carefully to your request, your description of the problem, your expressions of frustration and aggravation with this “bleeping technology”, this we do with empathy and with an understanding that we are on your side – it’s you and me against the machines!

Seriously, anything from learning new keystrokes to Microsoft Office suite, networking, wireless connections, printing, surfing the web, email, Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, or whatever else you use to communicate electronically, we can help. We can make it work, show you how it works, and show you how to work it. In plain English, we provide sensible solutions and simple explanations.

In some cases, when questions you ask are very popular, or where the answer will benefit the multitudes, we will put together an illustration in the form of a video lesson. You can have a look at some examples on Rouzell.com – just click on the YouTube icon at the top of the page. Eventually, all video content will be moved to the YouTube channel for Rouzell.
Mousehelp.com is a Rouzell Enterprises owned business. Mousehelp.com is a Palm Desert based company providing compassionate care to people who use computers. This includes computer repair and computer support, computer training and network support, and social media training and support. We are diligently working toward becoming your Palm Desert SEO Expert. If you have any need regarding computers, networks, SEO expertise or help with social media, one call to Brian Rouley at Rouzell Enterprises is all it takes to get the help you need.

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