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When you need computer help, call for Mousehelp!

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“Compassionate Care for People with Computers” means computer support and training for everyone!
Anything related to using computers: installation, configuration, networking, printing, email accounts, data backup and transfer, surfing the web, Social Media, creating websites, writing blogs, you name it – if it can be done with a computer, I can help you do it. And, if you want to be discovered, Just ask me!

Helping people with computers is what I’ve been doing since 1981. When you need help with anything that involves using a computer, from networking to printing, to websites, social media and SEO, one call to Mousehelp will connect you to the help you need.
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Digital marketing, communications, websites, SEO services.
Northglenn, CO
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Search my name for all of the content I’ve put on the Internet. Search, “Palm Desert SEO Expert” to see who is at the top of those results! Spoiler alert, you’ll find Rouzell and Mousehelp all over the web. Yes, I did this and it does take some time to achieve these results. My learning SEO results are on mousehelp.org spelled out in detail if you want to see How to Do-It-Yourself with SEO.


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