Comments, On or Off?

Email this page This is a Blurb This is just a bit of text, to test the idea of allowing comments on blog posts. An inquiry from one client regarding comments on her blog prompted me to review this idea. I’ve turned off comments on most of my websites and blogs,...

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Virus

In case you had never heard the term, BSOD – these hackers don’t spell it out for you, do they? Please don’t call them. Call mousehelp at rouzell dot com, and I’ll help you remove this virus from your PC. More details will be posted later on...
Every Day A New Beginning

Every Day A New Beginning

This seems like a logical place to start, here’s my card. You don’t have to guess what I do! Anything related to using computers: from installation, configuration, networking, printing, email accounts, surfing the web, Social Media,

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