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Before you get started, please realize this service comes at a price. For a modest fee of $120, I will set up your page on my site (or yours), add your business card image(s), and create and display a QR Code you can share with your business partners, clients, and prospects. I can even show you how to build and leverage your QR business network. Call for details.

Engage with me for training on the best way to leverage your new QR Code. Whenever you find yourself without your business cards handy, you can whip out your phone, and with the push of a couple of buttons, you’ll be sharing your contact information and your network partners’ contact details with other smartphone users. Think, Chamber of Commerce mixers!

And if your information ever changes, we can update those details, and your QR Code will be linked to the new information.
That’s much easier, faster, and cheaper than having a new batch of business cards printed.

Think of the trees you’ll save!

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