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Call Brian for compassionate care, patience, understanding, and his ability to make things work and show you how to work them!

Sure, you could go on reading, and I could go on writing, but if you need help and you need it soon, book time with Brian.

When you need help with
technology, call for Mousehelp!

My phone number is (442) 236-4067

I’m available when I’m not driving….

“Compassionate Care for People with Computers”
means computer support and training for everyone.

QR Code to Book time with Brian Rouley

Point your camera at the image and touch the link that pops up. Schedule a session with me and we will discuss your needs.

Oh, wait! If you are on your phone, how will you do this? Touch the QR code and you’ll be on my “Book Time” page. Enjoy!

When I show you what I can do, it’s decision time. If I cannot help you, I might know someone who can.

If you can do it with your computer, your phone, or online, Mousehelp can help you get it done.

Welcome to Mouse Help Dot Com! Need computer assistance? Look no further. Whether it’s troubleshooting, training, or any other computer-related task, Mousehelp is here to lend a helping hand. With our compassionate care, you can trust that your technology needs will be met. Schedule a session with us today and let’s discuss how we can assist you. And hey, if you’re on your phone, simply scan the QR code to book a session. We’ve got you covered, no matter the device. Need immediate assistance? Call us at (442) 236-4067. Mousehelp – your reliable computer support partner!

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