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Numbers 1 and 2, below, are truly essential to using any application. Numbers 4, 5 and 6 are not show-stoppers, but having these skills will accelerate the learning process and make it more fun.

1) Computer basics

You know the simplest of terms, like desktop, folder, and files, and concepts like, drag-and-drop, right-click, select-all, and cut, copy, and paste.

2) Windows basics (yes, this applies to Mac, too!)

You know how to re-size and re-position windows, how to find your way back to the desktop, and how to navigate to the main directories/folders on your computer. You know how to minimize applications or switch between applications, as well as how to manipulate data between two or more windows.

3) Email and Internet (this is an adjunct skill…)

You know how to send and receive email messages, with or without attachments. You know how to surf or search the Internet and you know a few things about how to work with your web browser, with multiple tabs, or with multiple windows and how to easily switch between them.

4) Image editing (or you know someone who does…)

You know how resize and crop images. You know how to find images offered by free or premium resources and how to download and/or purchase them from your source.

5) Advanced Topics (not prereqs, but very useful)

You know something about HTML, CSS, JS and PHP – or any other programming language. You’ve heard of things like HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP and even POP and IMAP! You have a good understanding of “the cloud” – what it means and why it is important to what you are doing with your computer and with your new website or blog.

6) Nebulous Topics (pun intended)

You know how to get things done with your left hand, too! You can cut, copy and paste with the keyboard and you know what to do with a mouse. Right-click is SOP with you and you know what SOP means. You know the relationship between a link and a URL. You like people enough to want to help others with a deeper understanding of how all these things work together to run the web.

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