Thank you Brian for solving all the numerous situations with my computer. Your expertise and your patience was surely appreciated. I loved that you provided both the hardware and software solutions on-site, so there was no need for me to lug the computer around in my car. My computer is now the fastest computer in town (well maybe not the fastest , but it is really fast). The introduction to some of the keyboard shortcuts (previously unknown to me) is so beneficial.

Thanks for being a dedicated computer technician who is ready to accommodate seven days a week, providing high quality, affordable service.

Jodi Brewster

Palm Desert, CA

Hi Brian,

I wanted to thank you for the fine job you did backing up my computer system. With all the sensitive files I have, reading your article about backing things up prompted me to get my system in order and now I feel confident that I won't ever lose my important data. The other repair work you have done for me has been thorough and timely and has bailed me out of tough situations. You are a Godsend!

Jenny Smith
Jen Smith Design and Graphics
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