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Up and Running with Regular Upkeep


Update WordPress, website themes, and plugins – This is standard operating procedure, as updates are made to the core of WP and the follow-on theme and plugin updates.



Back up entire website monthly – with every update mentioned in updates, we will back up your site(s). Just to be safe, we will schedule a regular backup, to occur once per month.



Monthly Checkup that includes every web page images, text and links are functional – because you know sometimes things get a little funny and somebody should be vigilant for you. We do this.


Google Basic Analytics that includes how many visitors and their demographics – Analytics is a great big subject, with lots of bells and whistles. We will keep it simple.

Blog Updates and SEO

Here’s where things get pretty interesting. Writing and posting well-crafted content and optimizing it for search engines (SEO) will help with visibility to your site, its pages, and blog posts. With regular updates, your visitors are more likely to come back to see “what’s new!” Google will like you, too.
SEO services we offer are another premium service, with pricing based on the level of aggressiveness you want to implement for your site and how fast you want to find links to your pages on the first page of search results.

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