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You may also want to search for “Palm Desert SEO expert” – as you’ll find my work at the top of Google’s search results.
Better yet, search my company name (yes, I know it’s rare) and see how Your Business on Google might look.
Being found by a new prospect/customer is the ultimate goal of SEO – which is one of my specialties.
It is good to have a great website, but it is meaningless if nobody finds it!
http://www.capizzischeesecake.com/ – Just the best cheesecake you’ll ever have!
http://www.nypcrepaironline.com/?ui=f – My local computer hardware service provider.
https://www.nypcrepair.tech/ – Redesign of NYPC repair, clean design on WordPress.
http://palmdesertseo.com/ – showcasing my Palm Desert SEO skills
http://meilanimacdonald.com/ – a complex website with many features, highlighting a branding service provider
http://ranchomiragehealthrehabilitation.com/ – a basic website for a rehab center in Rancho Mirage
http://ithasitsplace.com/ – a website created with and for a Professional Organizer in the valley.
My sites:
http://www.rouzell.net/all-sites-by-rouzell/ – A list of websites (most of them are mine.)
And – one for Margaret, my wife: http://magpiepaints.com/ – Never finished, but still fun!

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